KEYWELL Chamber Type Exposure Machine


KEYWELL Chamber Type Exposure Machine

KEYWELL KY – 56SP Chamber Type Exposure Machine

1. With air convection inside to keep electric parts long life
2. Equip with lighting inside for easy correcting film with screen as well as
3. Adopt tempered optical glass, the graphic is clearly after exposing.
4. The high quality low noise vacuum motor is with 150mbar vacuum
5. Japanese UV lamp for flash exposing with wide exposing range without
need of preheating.
6. The lamp starts exposing after vacuum completed. The lamp and
vacuum motor will shut down automatically as the set time is up.
7. European high quality blanket to speed up the vacuum.
8. With 2 supporting cylinders for the lifting of upper hood, the screen
frame can be taken/ put easily as the hood lifts to 45° position.

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For screen exposing

Max. screen frame : 153 X 123 cm
UV lamp : 3 KW *1pc
Glass height
from ground : 1150 mm
Power source : 1 , 220V 50/60HZ
Power Consumption : 3.375 KW
Compressed Air Pressure : 6’ 8KG/cm2
Machine dimension : 185x163x120 CM
Weight (Kgs) : 480 kgs


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