Semi Automatic Flat-Bed Screen Printing Machine


Semi Automatic Flat-Bed Screen Printing Machine

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  • Operator friendly touch screen control panel with help menu.
  • Pneumatic squeegee pressure equaliser obtains perfect registration and consistent colour reproduction with even ink deposition all over the image area.
  • Adjustable tool free squeegee, flood pressure and angle.
  • Calibrated air pressure regulator with indicator.
  • Adjustable squeegee & flood stroke length with tool free sliding sensors
  • AC geared motor (pre lubricated) with AC frequency inverter (sensor less vector control inverter to maintain constant torque and constant speed).
  • Independent printing and flood speeds controls.
  • Adjustable squeegee skew angle. This feature allows to deposit even ink all over image area when printing on sun-pack, flute boards, PCB solder mask.
  • Honey comb vacuum bed with stainless steel top for better durability.
  • Three operating cycles automatic with dwell timer, single cycle and manual
  • Independent motors for vacuum & printing
  • Safety bar
  • Multiple stroke option for thick ink deposition and for uneven or porus substrates where higher ink deposition is required to fill the substrate.
  • Micro registration screws for precise table movement with 3 point control to easily and quickly adjust registration.
  • Pneumatic squeegee pressure equaliser ensures perfect print result & accurate repeatable of ink deposition.
  • Quick tool free squeegee and flood bar clamping.
  • Special aluminum extruded flood bar designed to give good ink release all over the screen. This helps reduce ink thickness and increase the quality of fine lines and halftone printing.
  • For ceramic inks hard stainless steel blade is provided to increase the life of flood bar and maintains proper ink thickness all over.
  • Cycle Counter to check the print runs with resetting option.
  • Two print cycles, print-flood or flood-print.
  • Heavy duty and durable construction ensures vibration free operation and accurate printing at full production speed.
  • Adjustable peel off system with variable timer ensures good & sharp print results. Essential when printing with tacky inks.
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility


  • Light table for easy registration on multicolour jobs especially designed to print on various flexible and rigid transparent substrates


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Grafica’s Cam-Shell is one of the finest, most flexible range of trouble free flat-bed screen printing machine.

Cam-Shell is robust, heavy duty and designed to screen print on high end industrial application such as PCB’s, solar panels, graphic overlays, large format fleet graphics, automotive decals, automotive dials and components, membrane keys, ceramic transfer decals, water slide transfer decals, high quality labels and stickers for all industrial, medical, and automotive industry.

Cam-Shell is easy to setup and control. It comes with very high-tech electrical/electronics components and durable mechanical parts to deliver maximum stability even at full production speed.

Squeegee head on solid steel shaft with smooth and vibration free movement to deliver even ink deposition all over image area. This feature very important when printing on transparent and back light substrates where even ink deposition is the most critical factor.

Squeegee equaliser is one of the best feature of Cam-Shell to get proper registration and even ink deposition all over the image area.

Cam-Shell is designed to minimise downtime with outstanding features for your benefits to achieve high productivity and keep fully operation.

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Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 500 × 100 × 100 cm


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