Zinc-Magnesium Etching Machine

Zinc-Magnesium Etching Machine


Zinc-Magnesium Etching Machine

Model :SKXF730

Liguid Volume : 40L


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Product information :

Zinc-Magnesium Etching Machine, Appearance and structure: Host & Electric control box is separated, the operation set with PVC electrostatic film, corrosion resistance, aging resistance. Chassis for the GB angle steel, PVC powder electrostatic spraying, instrument, and distribution: The instrument display ( time, speed display, temperature display) all of the digital display, which is more accurate, intuitive. Switchboards control component uses domestic brand-name products. Transmission Parts: Spindle drive-by LDK-P204 high precision outer spherical bearing heart. Main bearing actual revolutions. Selection of Taiwan (shanghai) Das Mick electrical appliances electronic stock Co., Ltd. our production of the inverter (FM speed regulator), digital display the actual RPM spindle pulley. Refrigeration System: Compressor selection is currently the world’s most advanced rolling rotor type (Hitachi, Toshiba) fully enclosed air-cooled compressor unit. Reduce the use of electricity, saving water resources.

Index Parameters :

1) Temperature measurement error : +1

2) Speed measurement error : +10r/min

3) Digital display timing error : +0.01 / min

4) The temperature drop speed : 1-2r / min

5) Electric power voltage : 380V 220 V

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 150 cm


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