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Hohner stitching

AED1.00 0 Off AED1.00
Single cycle operated by foot switch
Exchange parts for other types of wire
Exchange parts for loop stitching kit [mm]Ø 6.0
Machine height [mm]1540
Floor space required [in mm LxWxH]900 x 700 x 1540
In stock
Capability and formats  
Mechanic cycles per minute [Staples]203 
Stitching table size [mm]700 x 240 
Working height [mm]880 
Throat depth from clincher box
to machine body [mm] for pad stitching
Throat depth from clincher box
to machine body [mm] for saddle stitching
Narrow Stitching heads 
Maximum number of stitching heads1 
Crown width [mm]14 
Stitching wire  
Round wire (standard)No. 21 – 30*
(Ø 0,80 – 0,35 mm)
Flat wireI – VI
(0,70 x 0,35 mm –
0,90 x 0,78 mm)

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